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Van der Valk Shipyard

Van der Valk Shipyard

Industrieweg 43-47A Waalwijk Brabant

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A passionate yachtsman and watersport enthusiast, Wim van der Valk founded the company that bears his name in 1967, and remains the driving force behind it today. Since its inception, Van der Valk has built a rich heritage in both steel and aluminium motoryachts. The success of the first cabin and aft-cabin design cruisers measuring from seven to ten metres quickly attracted widespread attention from the yachting public.

Rise to prominence

More triumphs followed in quick succession. The models which marked the 1970s – the Valkkruiser, Comfort, Royal, Falcon and Super Falcon – fast became shorthand for quality. Thanks to constant innovation and quality improvements, Van der Valk established an excellent reputation and soon took its place among prominent and well-respected Dutch shipyards. In the mid-1980s, we launched the Vitesse series – steel and aluminium semi-displacement motoryachts in a high-end segment. This proved to be another international success, thanks to its progressive design, great sailing characteristics and high resale value.

Products & Services

BeachClub 600

The Van der Valk BeachClub line provides an unrivalled amount of exterior and interior space by locating the engine room in the ...

Price on request

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Van der Valk owes its ongoing success over the decades to an unwavering dedication to key values such as reliability, cooperation and a forward-thinking approach. They apply to every aspect of who we are, what we do and the motoryachts that result.
As a family-run company with a pedigree that spans generations, Van der Valk understands the value of keeping one’s word and creating yachts that stand the test of time. This informs everything we do. We abide by agreements made with customers, suppliers and staff; we build yachts which function equally as well as they look; we ensure that our financial situation and future prospects are stable by maintaining good solvability and a well-filled order portfolio at all times. We consider our partners and buyers as family members – and this is reflected in our excellent relationships and many repeat clients.
In keeping with a centuries-long Dutch tradition of flat hierarchies and uniting for the common good, the yachtbuilding industry in the Netherlands tends to consist of small and medium-sized companies who often work together in concert, each bringing its own expertise to the table. This allows for an unrivalled degree of flexibility and specialisation, in which Van der Valk fully participates.

We work together with owners to establish the best possible solutions for their needs, and continue our partnership after delivery with a first-class after-sales service. Within the yard, the lines of communication are short and the organisational structure flat, ensuring a pleasant working environment from which clients also benefit. And our relationship with co-makers – designers, engineers and suppliers of systems, components and materials – revolves around long-term partnerships and superior products.

This approach has also repeatedly shown its worth in after-sales service. Van der Valk’s can thank much of its success to its excellent local representatives, who have an excellent understanding of their markets and ensure good communication between owners and yard.
Van der Valk always aims to apply the most advanced solutions, systems and materials possible within the available budget. During the engineering process which precedes the build, choices are made together with the owner and in consultation with the relevant suppliers. The goal is to achieve optimal results and maximum client satisfaction.

Van der Valk’s R&D team cooperates with suppliers, designers and engineers to develop new concepts and technical solutions for the future. Our people always deploy the latest and most sophisticated work methods, and are encouraged to follow training courses and carry out research into new possibilities and applications. This ensures that their know-how remains fully up to date.

Click here to read about a fine recent example of innovation onboard the Continental IV Santa Maria T – the first motoryacht in the world to feature a two-axis fin antiroll damping system.

Van der Valk Shipyard Location

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