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  • Builder: Leopard
  • Model: LEOPARD 51 -S 2016
  • Location: Phuket, Thailand
Price: 99,500 THB/DAY

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About LEOPARD 51 -S

Power Catamaran will generally cruise at 10 knots, although she is capable of 20 knots, and can cover large distances. But at this speed fuel consumption is very high so we will add a fuel surcharge if your destination is outside our normal cruising grounds. An example of this would be visiting Phi Phi islands on a day cruise up to 20 passengers on a day cruise, and 8 on an overnight cruise.

Make/model Leopard/LEOPARD 51 -S
Max Person
Year of manufacture 2016
Length overall 51 ft.
Beam 26 Ft
Draft 7.9 M

Interior LEOPARD 51 -S

Salon Tv/VCR:YesIPad Hookups:Yes
Books:YesBoard Games:Yes
Deck Shower:YesBimini:Yes
Children Ok:Yes : 
Snorkel Gear:YesTube:Yes
Floating Mats:YesSwim Platform:N/A
Beach Games:Yes :

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