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Spiritual blessing

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Yacht Spiritual blessing
What is Spiritual blessing?

Bali celebrate Nyepi, the “Day of Silence”, the biggest ceremony and celebration in the Hindu calendar.

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Spiritual blessing

Recently Nyepi was celebrated in Bali on 7 March. It is the biggest ceremony and celebration in the Hindu calendar and a time of intense spirituality and prayer. Nyepi is the “Day of Silence” of Balinese people, which is a memorial to every Isakawarsa according to the Bali calendar. The Hindu religion is celebrated predominantly in Bali and Nyepi is a public holiday and a day of silence, fasting and meditation for the Balinese people. The following day is also celebrated as the start of a New Year.

APS Indonesia offices and staff in Bali and joins their Balinese brothers and sisters at this special time with thoughts and prayers going out to all affected by Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Captain Jimmy Blee, founder of APS Indonesia, is spreading the message: “APS is alive and kicking with staff working from home, we are always on call for anyone to contact us should they need any support, advice or solace. As of now Indonesia has closed borders and we certainly expect this to prevail for the immediate future”.

“We will be sending regular updates to all our friends and clients should border closing change or conditions in Indonesia change over and above what is widely reported”, the skipper added. “These uncertain days require strength and hope and a profound humanity for others. We look forward to seeing you all at the back end of this crisis, Selamat Nyepi and blessing to all”.

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