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Opera in the desert

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What is Opera in the desert?

Opera Australia to perform Uluru Encore in 2020.

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Opera in the desert

Thanks to the incredible success of the inaugural Opera Australia performance at Uluru in 2019, Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia has announced the opera will return to Uluru in 2020. They will offer an expanded program of four uniquely intimate performances.

“This year’s performance completely sold out in just five days, and the event itself was a great success, so we knew that we needed to find a way for a bigger encore performance”, said Voyages CEO Grant Hunt.

Guests in 2020 will be able to curate their own operatic experience from the program, choosing one or multiple performances depending on their own preferences. The dates are 11-13 December 2020.

The main event is ‘Opera at Uluru’ and takes place on the Saturday evening. It will feature some of Opera Australia’s finest singers performing under the stars, accompanied by a chamber orchestra. As the sun sets over the desert backdrop, the performers will be illuminated by Field of Light Uluru.