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Barbagallo Marine has been appointed the Australian dealer for TecnoRib RIBS and jet tenders.

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The international expansion of TecnoRib, the official licensee of Pirelli brand inflatable boats, continues with the signing of an agreement for the official distribution of its RIBS and jet tenders in Australia with Barbagallo Marine, the consolidated Australian dealer for important yacht brands.

Barbagallo Marine will handle the distribution of the entire TecnoRib range and an outboard version of the new Pirelli 1250, with a deck layout specially designed for the Australian market, without aft sunbeds. The new model will be availble in outboard and inboard-outboard versions.

“Operating on an increasingly global market requires a broad-based presence in multiple geographical areas”, said TecnoRib Managing Director Gianni De Bonis, the day after the signing of the partnership agreement covering distribution in Australia with Barbagallo Marine.

The agreement represents a new step forward in TecnoRib’s increasingly wide-ranging, carefully defined and articulated internationalisation strategy, following on from partnerships recently set up in Europe (Spain, UK and Montenegro), Asia (Thailand) and Central America (Santo Domingo, Haiti and Puerto Rico).