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West Papua officially becomes the world’s first Conservation Province.

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Late last month the government of the province of West Papua, on the island of New Guinea, approved legislation that establishes the eastern Indonesian province as the country’s first ever conservation province. This legal framework will ensure that sustainable development and conservation are placed at the forefront of any economic activity or development.

West Papua is one of the last bastions of unexplored wilderness on the planet. The 120,000 square kilometre province is one of the most biodiverse regions of the globe, both on the land and below water, and as such has been considered an area of global priority for conservation.

Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) Indonesia’s Thomas Taatjes, a proud member of SeaLegacy, was thrilled with news of the incredible success of the ratification the volunteer group has been pushing for with great effort for some time in West Papua.

SeaLegacy and the individuals and network organisations mentioned in the announcement following have been working hard to bring about this ratification that will give West Papuans’ autonomy and self-determinable access to their resources,” reported Thomas.