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Philippe Briand has unveiled the latest sailing yacht concept to come from his London- based design studio, the 90-metre SY300.

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With a traditional sailing rig, the 1,550-tonne ketch project SY300 has been created to outperform other sailing superyachts, while providing a head-turning aesthetic and comfort on board. The SY300 would best suit a passionate sailor who demands speed on the water as well as exceptional design and style.

Unlike the growing number of sailing superyachts that are effectively motor yachts with sails, requiring engines to assist in propelling them through the water, the SY300 has been developed with a similar design approach used in smaller, high-performance racing yachts. The design still includes the hallmarks of Philippe Briand’s award-winning design pedigree, including clean, dynamic lines and outstandingly efficient naval architecture.

Being fully wind-propelled, the SY300 would be a true leader in the new wave of green superyachts, in particular its hull-form characteristics and predicted performance. It’s hydrodynamic efficiency means more power could be harnessed through underwater turbines to charge the batteries on board. In the best conditions a maximum speed over 20 knots would be reached . Potentially If 50% of the energy is captured it will be the equivalent of that produced by a 500 kW generator, while maintaining a speed around 15 knots.