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SpaceCat, a new series of 35-metre power catamaran yachts, was unveiled by SilverYachts at the 2019 Singapore Yacht Show.  

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SilverYachts, the Australian builders of aluminium superyachts, and renowned yacht designer and naval architect Espen Øino aim to take a positive step in the reduction of the environmental impact of yachting with the introduction of the SpaceCat series.

During a press conference held at the 2019 Singapore Yacht Show, SilverYachts and Espen Øino presented the SpaceCat to a group of selected guests, where the brand new SpaceCat yacht scale model was unveiled.

the SpaceCat is a 35-metre power catamaran with even higher length to beam ratio hulls than the well-known Silver Series of monohull yachts, further reducing resistance and therefore the power requirements, whilst providing a generous platform with unparalleled possibilities for highly-versatile layouts normally found only on much larger yachts.

With its 35.5-metre length and 13.3-metre beam, the SpaceCat offers generous volumes; the external living area boasts over 575 square-metres of space, while the interior areas are over 300 square-metres. The volume of the SpaceCat can be compared with a 50-metre monohull and is developed with a large yacht feeling from the roomy spaces.