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Sundance Marine announces Erwin Bamps as the new CEO of Prestige.

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Erwin joined Prestige on 1 November 2018, and has joined the team at the Jeanneau-Prestige head office in Les Herbiers. Prestige is exclusively sold by Sundance Marine nationally in Australia.

Erwin Bamps’ knowledge comes from the last 16 years at Gulf Craft, where he joined back in 2002, heading up its industrial and commercial operations, before quickly becoming its CEO.

Erwin has been a key driving force behind Gulf Craft’s development, especially in the Middle East and Asia.

Prestige is widely recognised in Europe and North America. The challenge today is to develop the brand in the Middle East and Australasia and consolidate its “luxury” image across all the markets.

Erwin Bamps’ industrial, commercial and communications expertise, as well as his leadership and his knowledge of the superyacht market will serve him as he takes on this new position.