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Life’s An Adventure launches Tasman Island Heli-hike option. ...Learn more.

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How about Heli-hike?

Life’s An Adventure offer a suite of multi-day walking experiences across Tasmania with a new addition to their Walk Three Capes three-day itinerary – the opportunity to heli hike on Tasman Island.

Guests can choose from three experiences as part of their Tasman Peninsula pack-free adventure; a boat cruise with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, a 20-minute scenic flight over Cape Pillar and Tasman Island, or now the chance to land and walk atop unique Tasman Island.

The Tasman Island helicopter landing is available to four guests on each tour. It includes a flight over the dramatic coastline with its dolerite capes, before landing on Tasman Island for a guided tour by Rotor Lift’s knowledgeable pilot. Tasman Island plays host to a bounty of sea birds and seals as well as offering panoramic views of dolphin pods and migrating whales.

The island is part of Tasman National Park and Rotor Life has exclusive permission to touch down on this rare outpost.

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