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The new flagship Grand Banks 85 will make her European debut this year at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival.

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Flagship unfurled

The highly successful and revolutionary introduction of the Grand Banks 60 in 2017 saw a response from owners and the boating industry alike that has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

The evolutions of the new design maintained the elegant lines and opulent interiors that define the Grand Banks style, while taking the company in a bold new performance-driven and fuel-efficient direction.

The Grand Banks 54 followed the 60, debuting in 2020 and almost immediately selling ten hulls to eager yachtsmen around the globe.

Now, due to both customer demand and established confidence in the marque’s adoption of the V-Warp platform, Grand Banks is once again pushing the envelope for design and engineering with a new flagship, the Grand Banks 85 (GB85).

Like all new Grand Banks models, the GB85 benefits from the infinite knowledge gained from building cruising designs for nearly seven decades and delivering more than 7,000 yachts.

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