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Royal Huisman Project 406 will be the world’s largest sportfish superyacht when it launches in 2023. ...Learn more.

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Theatre of the ocean

Monday 20 June saw the completion of another major step in the build of Project 406 – a magnificent 52-metre (17-foot) six-deck, true sportfish superyacht, destined to be the world’s largest – when the main superstructure was skillfully lowered onto the hull by overhead cranes.

The carefully planned installation of the decks took place inside Hall 2 at the shipyard’s headquarters in Vollenhove and was attended by the owner’s team, naval architects, designers and specialist consultants alongside the team from Royal Huisman.

Preparation and fit-out of the remaining four decks of this amazing vessel is now underway. In parallel, the shipyard continues working on the board systems and other technical installations.

The work includes innovative features and components, such as laser-powered exterior lighting. Everything will be brought together to complete the perfect fit in the period leading up to her launch in 2023.

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