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The Christensen Difference

A YACHT OWNER'S SHIPYARD Nearly four decades ago a successful contractor named Dave Christensen couldn’t find a rugged, beautifully finished U.S.-built yacht, so he decided to build his own. When he succeeded, he decided he could offer the same quality and reliability to other yacht owners, and so Christensen Shipyards was born.

Today, Christensen continues the company’s original founding vision to deliver beautiful, ocean-going yachts to other fellow yachtsmen. Today, Christensen is led by two owners – who have owned six Christensen yachts – and are committed to elevating Christensen Yachts to new heights in quality and the building experience.

With nearly 1,000 man-years of boat building experience under one roof, Christensen offers an incomparable workforce. Each of our 120 boat builders is committed to honesty and transparency to ensure each boat is not only built to the highest quality, but delivered on time and on budget.

When Dave Christensen opened the shipyard he had a sign put over the entrance, “Through these doors pass the finest boat builders in the world.” To which the shipyard’s new owners add: “And the world’s most satisfied yacht owners.”

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