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We aim to meet your servicing needs.  Please speak with a member of our team should you have any specific requirements.  

Electrical Connections Provisioning
Fueling Services Laundry Service
Waste & Water Mgmt Yacht Maintenance
Security Transportation
Customs & Immigration Anchor Club

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National Harbor Marina offers the following electrical connections:

30mp          50amp          100amp SP

Fueling your boat on the Upper Potomac near Washington D.C. is extremely easy while docking at National Harbor Marina right underneath the famed Capital Wheel! With four (4) brand new fuel pumps, two (2) offering gasoline and two (2) offering ultra-low sulfur diesel, the fuel dock is prepared to handle your boating needs.  Whether you're topping off for a long trip or filling up for a weekend of cruising, the National Harbor fuel dock will be operating seven (7) days a week to get you out for a beautiful day on the water.  If you're in need of a large fuel order, our team works with multiple fueling companies offering ultra-low sulphur diesel at competitive pricing. IGY Marinas works with the best fuel companies to fulfill your needs. Contact our marina office at 301-749-1582 to schedule your fueling. 


Directly on the premises are multiple options for provisioning with the finest foods, wines, and champagnes from around the world. If there is anything you're unable to locate within the National Harbor shopping area, National Marine Suppliers and our extremely knowledgeable office staff are happy to help. From canned and paper goods to fresh fish, meats, and vegetables – they are pleased to assist your vessel with everything you need to make your journey truly delightful. 
Additionally, the Anchor Club Strategic Partners provide a wide variety of services from provisioning to vessel services, crew training, travel, and more. 


In addition to our outstanding berthing and marina accommodations, National Harbor works with many skilled professionals who can provide quality maintenance and service to your yacht. Our Anchor Club Strategic Partners can offer you specialists in engineering, outboard engines, fiberglass repairs, marine carpentry, electrical, boat management, canvas services, marine electronics, air conditioning, diving, plumbing, and much more. 
Please note: No exterior work can take place at National Harbor Marina without prior written approval from the Marina General Manager. This is to ensure that any work done on one yacht does not negatively affect any other vessel in the marina.
It is the policy of the marina to protect the health of our patrons, staff and the environment and requires special care for the hazardous waste which is operated within the marina. IGY Marinas prides itself for following all requirements to meet the Blue Flag eco-label with the goal of having all marinas awarded accordingly. 

Servicing of vessels often results in waste that must be disposed of separately. Waste oil, sludge pump-out, and grey/black water pump-out services are available by request. Please reach out to the marina office for details as these services are provided by third-party operators. 

The following items may not be placed in the dumpster:
  • Oil
  • Antifreeze
  • Paint or Varnish
  • Solvents
  • Pesticides
  • Lead Batteries
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Distress Flares
  • Loose Polystyrene Peanuts
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Absorbents
If you need assistance with these types of waste please seek assistance at the marina office or from one of our employees. We invite you to help us keep our marina clean and tidy. 

Complimentary laundry facilities are located on-site.  Please contact the marina office for access codes. Additionally, laundry services are available with pickup and delivery to the vessel upon request by local launderers and dry cleaners. Please feel free to contact the marina office for assistance. 

Designated security teams operate patrols 24/7 in the marina, CCTV, security lighting and secured by a security gate.

Please be sure to follow all protocols when entering and exiting the port.  

In order to clear in and out of immigration, you will need the following:
  • Two (2) copies of the immigration information sheets
  • One (1) copy of the ship's registry
  • Two (2) copies of the crew list
  • Passports of all crew and guests
**These requirements change from time to time, so we advise you to contact your agent or the marina office to ensure that you have the necessary paperwork.**

Should you require transportation, a taxi service can be arranged upon request. Multiple rental car companies are available locally. In addition, there are numerous Shuttle Buses to the local Metro Stations, central Washington, and other local shopping outlets. If you are staying for business, there is also a water taxi that offers local commuter routes.

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