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If you could simplify your life how would you do it? Life can be overwhelming. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. Take it from Captain Gino Garofalo, a seasoned sailor and lover of all things easy and breezy. So, go ahead and invest in a little happiness. Cheers!

Do you know what’ SUP?

Standup paddle boarding, otherwise known as SUP, is all the rave these days! Plus, compared to its other water sport contenders, it’s pretty easy to learn. But, in order to master the art of paddle boarding, well that’s a different story. For me, paddle boarding is a great way to get from your boat to the beach. Just hop on and paddle on.

I have brought my paddle board to the big and itty-bitty exotic corners of the earth. But I have to say, that some destinations are more impressive than others. Below are the best destinations to go standup paddle boarding around the world.

The decision to jump land and hop on ship to make a full-time life aboard a sailboat is becoming a popular choice for retirees and expats around the world. Maybe you are an avid sailor with a boat-load of experience. Or perhaps you are just sick and tired of the monotony of life ashore. Either way, living on a sailboat for cheap (like for 1,000 dollars or less) is very plausible.

I say “sailboat” because we’re already ahead of the game by not having to worry too much about fuel for your vessel. Meaning, yes you will need fuel, but not like you would for a power boat. And, as you may guess, fuel is very expensive!

But, before trading in your shiny loafers for a new pair of Sperry boat shoes, hold your sails for just a second. Some calculations are needed prior to living on a sailboat full-time. Luckily I have the numbers for you.

Below are a few ways you can turn your pipe-dream of living on a sailboat for cheap into a reality. (An awesome, harmonious, and gleeful reality that is).
The Inside Scoop: The Cost

In an article I published back in 2016, Living on a sailboat in 2017: The Cost, I go over a breakdown of expenses of a few places in the Caribbean. In this article I suggest a few places where you can comfortably live as a couple for about $2,000 dollars or less.

In summary, the cost of living on a sailboat depends on your lifestyle, just as it would if you were to live in a house. With that being said, it is easy to live on a Budget of $1,000 dollars a month. Take it from an expert, Lisa Chapin of SailTime San Fransisco, who has been involved with boats since age 7. Chapin now lives on her boat all the time after spending two years in the Caribbean and cruising through the Galapagos. She’s one of the few women who’’s both a captain and lives on her 53-foot Hatteras.

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