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Because World Yacht Group knows the importance of enjoying the ownership of a yacht we offer yacht owners and captains a full and effective yacht management service

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World Yacht Group is a global company dedicated to yachting industry. Our brokers and advisors are experts in luxury yachts.

The company was founded in 2008 opening its first office in Barcelona. With a philosophy based on excellent customer care, professionalism and discretion, World Yacht Group has expanded rapidly and opened offices in Los Angeles, Cannes, Ibiza, Madrid and Belgrade.

We are passionate about making your experience in chartering or purchasing a yacht outstanding, reason why clients come back to us time after time. We define our business as three sectors: yacht charters, sales and full management service. Our international presence allows us to have clients from all over the world and operate in many destinations with a full control of our business. Our team makes sure that each client receives personal attention at all times.

2009 & 2010 were challenging economical times in the world so we started by creating a niche and unique service in the business, World Yacht Hotel, a yachting accommodation platform where people can book staterooms on yachts world-wide.

Everyone was so impressed by the client services and custom tailored approach that yacht owners and retail clients were asking us if we would manage and charter yachts for them as well. Of course we were happy to do it, after all, it was our top area of expertise. This part of the business grew exponentially with high demand so we developed it into what World Yacht Group is today, a global yachting firm dedicated to charters, sales and management.

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