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Rannsolve Inc

Patient Scheduling & Insurance Verification

1333 W. McDermott, Suite 200 Allen Texas

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"Rannsolve functions as an innovative technology solution enterprise, providing a broad range of professional services and solutions in operations, strategy, consulting and technology. Our services include Healthcare RCM, Document Management & IT Staffing."

Located in Allen, Texas, we provide exceptional services and solutions across a range of business services including Healthcare RCM, Document Management and IT Staffing. We have demonstrated remarkable growth since our inception, emerging as one of the prominent woman-driven global technology companies in the world. Rannsolve serves to create consistent improvement to meet the developing technology advancements, in achieving long term success. Our primary focus is in helping you to successfully grow your business.

As your partner, we leverage our expertise, data and technology so you can reach your business goals. Our expertise in Healthcare RCM, Document Management and IT Staffing landscapes help you determine what choices will best prepare you for the future. We specialize in increasing your customer engagement and accelerating your growth in the specific industry.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the preferred outsourcing partner for clients across the globe and are committed to providing quality solutions that create value and sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

Patient Scheduling:

Patient registration and appointment scheduling are two formalities that usually need to be completed before a meeting can occur between a patient and a doctor.

Patient care is our number one priority which is why for office visits, cancellation of scheduled visits and re-scheduling of visits, we efficiently use online scheduling software.

Multispecialty support with multiple-user accessibility
Calendaring of schedules
Facilitates for patients to call in and schedule their visit in vacant time slots
Quick confirmation after setting up schedules
Orderly callbacks and the ability to reschedule and cross-schedule between different clinics and medical offices
Phone and email reminders to reduce instances of overbooking and/or missed, rescheduled or late visits
New patients can schedule their visits without any delay
Appointment scheduling any time of the day and any day of the week (24/7)

We abide by all HIPAA and associated patient confidentiality requirements.
Insurance Verification:

The insurance verification process is the first step in the medical billing and coding process. Usually, medical claims are denied or delayed by insurance companies because of wrong details entered by the hospital or administrative staff. When this happens, there will be a delay in the reimbursements which directly impacts the cash flow.

Our insurance verification specialists have immense experience and extensive knowledge regarding the types of coverage and policies. Since we have been in the medical coding and billing industry for a long time, we understand the importance of accurate verification of insurance claims and make sure all our services are specific and precise.

All documents received from healthcare organizations and insurance providers are duly checked by our healthcare support executives before the start of the treatment. This way we can authenticate all details and collate the documents serially. Before we leverage necessary communication modes to contact the patient, we check with insurance companies regarding any payment obligations or extra/missing information of the patient, prior or post-treatment. Before final submission, our healthcare executives cross verify all patient details prior to the appointment date.

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