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In 1993, PMS began to the commertial life as a manufacturer in the Izmir/Pinarbasi facilities in order to meet the meet market needs of those days, using the Plastic Rotation (Rotomolding/Rotational Molding) Technique which was uncommon in our country. In the first place, PMS which focused on the design and manufacture of polyethylene water tanks needed in the market, acid tank, textile carts and various types of boxes, then become an integrated plastic processing facility with the diversification of market needs and demands.
In 2003, PMS that put the new facility 11.000 m2 of which is indoor, a total of 20.000 m2 in Izmir / Kemalpaşa into operation , has Access to the ability to answer the customer needs much faster by expanding its production capacity and storage.

Currently, in its wide range of products that developed with 23 Years Rotation experience; Floating Scaffolding Systems, Floating Platforms, Marina pontoons and marina assembly, Polyethylene boats and canoes, Water tanks, chemical storage tanks, acid pools, silos, Crates/Carts, Pallets, Fuel Tanks, Customized products and Decorative products are available. These products are grouped together under registered trademarks by their area of expertise.
PMS has; 4 main categories of activities from marine products to industrial products, from special design products to stylish and flexible decoration products;
PMS Dock Marine
PMS Material Handling
PMS Custom Molding
PMS Furniture

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