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My name is Peter. I have been running the KBA Phuket schools and shops since 2012. Over the years I have managed to meet needs of kitesurfes from more countries than I can remember. I spent many years working in different kite schools all over the world and with all my experience without a doubt I find Phuket to be one of the best locations for learning kitesurfing.

Our Phuket spots are well known for their shallow water lagoons and light to medium winds for almost all year round combine it with an amazing temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius of both air and water and you will get the board shorts conditions for all! Shallow water makes an easy start for beginners but the overall conditions are great for all levels kitesurfers. It gives me a great satisfaction to observe how they enjoy our Phuket spots.

But the great weather is not all we have to offer. Through the years here in Phuket we selected the great team of IKO instructors who will make sure that you will get the best experience there is to offer. Additionaly, beign a part of the KBA we are using only the top equipment for our school same goes for stocking the gear from leading brands in kitesurfing industry plus we can give you the best price for it in our shops.

You know what? I’m not done yet! We are also very lucky that there are many other activities not too far from our school which you can enjoy in those less windy days. If you like me, love other watersports you will find amazing cable parks for wakeboarding and some nice waves for surfing.

Phuket Island is big and it offers perfect locations for family holidays as well as it has some crazy party scenes. However, keep in mind to do some research before booking an accommondation in order to choose the best fitted place for your needs.

If you have any concerns or need an advice feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help! Hope to see you soon!

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