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Capture the beauty of Phuket and beautiful islands in Thailand in a completely new and unknown spirit that is breathtakingly picturesque …. on our wondrous Helicopter Tour with Skydance Helicopter

62/31-32 M.3 T. Sa Khu Talang Phuket Phuket

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Aviation has intrigued me as far back as I can remember.

I’m an engineer by education, a businessman by profession and a lifelong lover of music & arts. But that’s only part of the equation. I have no desire to be a pilot or personally utilizing our aircraft to fly around.

How to do it at a premium level, using the best equipment and the best people to provide unparalleled safety, flexibility and efficiency to meet
passenger’s needs?

That is the challenge and our goal to consistently achieve.

I started the Advance Aviation Company Limited in year of 2007 with a very close collaboration with Airbus Helicopters by setting up Maintenance Center together in Thailand.

Soon this effort grew; our helicopter grew from 1 to 5. Within just a few years, we become Thailand’s largest VIP helicopter charter with 3 bases, covering entire Kingdom.

In 2012, I launched Advance Aviation Jet Co., Ltd. (AAJ) to expand our VIP service with Gulfstream G200 super-midsize jet with the same goal but to cover a much wider geographical area.

We achieved that goal at AAJ within 2 years. We have two G200’s in operation and manage a G550, with the potential to add to our Gulfstream fleet soon.

Over time our helicopters and jets have served world-renowned celebrities, international royal family members from various countries, foreign dignitaries and corporate executives, as well as individuals who prefer privacy and personalized service.

It remains our unwavering goal to provide our clients with unparalleled satisfaction through our staff’s professionalism, sincerity, and flexibility.

Like me, our employees are proud of our company, our product, and our services.
In less than a decade we’ve grown from that 1st helicopter to an expanded fleet of rotary-wing and jet aircraft covering numerous destinations throughout eighteen countries.

On behalf of all those who’ve made our company what it is today, I graciously invite you to join us and experience air travel as you may never have before throughout Southeast Asia and beyond.

Welcome aboard
Chai Nasylvanta
Founder & CEO

How to get there: Phuket - Sa Khu heliport is located at Nai Yang beach approximately 5 minutes south of Phuket International Airport.

It is mainly used by the EC130 for tour, charter, and shuttle services from Phuket.

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