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Divetainer and Aloha Diving Branch

Dive in a box – free your mind

87 / 52 Moo2 Viset Road Rawai Phuket

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Where is Divetainer and Aloha Diving Branch? Phuket

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Divetainer is a recycled 20 foot sea freight container, which has been converted to a swimming pool.

This above ground all-purpose swimming pool is transportable and location-independent. The water level is at 2.35 meters. It can be moved on the road by a 20t truck (with integrated crane) and by sea freight, since the product corresponds to the ISO standard 668 of the International Maritime Organization.
The divetainer is equipped with a salt water filter system and circulation unit and can be connected to the usual 220V power supply. The swimming pool technic is located in an attached and looked box, which also offers space for a portable air compressor and diving equipment. A solid staircase and a platform with railings provide a safe and comfortable access to the divetainer. Inside there is another platform which can be adjusted to variable depth levels and which can also be removed if not needed. To exit the water, a ladder is installed at the top platform. On the front side is a built-in glass viewing window. The inside fiberglass pool is printed over 5 sides (back wall, floor, two side walls and front wall) by a special production process with a graphic (3D view). The scenery is a sunken container freight wreck with lost cargo at the seabed. One of these freight containers is the wrecked divetainer, which opens up a view of the mystic shipwreck and the fascinating underwater world.

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