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We just love ice cream!

We are dedicated to the true artisan handcrafted gelato the way it is done by the finest gelato masters in Italy. We are using our own recipes, original Italian gelato equipment and authentic traditional Italian processes.

Our artisan gelato is made in a certified and environmentally friendly production, using environmentally save products wherever possible and minimizing energy consumption.


Our gelato has half the fat and half the calories of American Ice cream, and our sorbets have no fat, but lots of vitamins consisting mostly of fresh fruit. Our Gelato contains much less air than American ice cream, making it denser, smoother and giving you more food in your cup. Our Gelato is served at a warmer temperature (-14 to -16 deg), allowing you to taste the gelato when you eat it, instead of leaving a plate shocked by the freezing cold ice cream (-20 deg)

Our Gelato contains no artificial flavorings, colorants or preservatives only natural ingredients and is hand made fresh every day in our premises by our trained experts.

Not available in our ice-cream are the following ingredients:
commercial vegetable oils with saturated fat, hydrogenated vegetable oil, coloring tartrazine diglycerides of fatty acids, synthetic chemical flavors, modified maize starch, fruit jam, reconstituted skimmed milk powder, protein from deep sea fish etc. (all this are ingredients in “Ice-cream “products of Walls, Swensens, Tesco, Unilever etc.)

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