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Collecting great art is investing in your enjoyment and enjoying your investment.

What We Offer:
- Master Paintings and Antiques Gallery
- Exclusive interior decoration advisory
- Chinese Antique furniture
- A special collection of Chagall, Dali, Picasso and Warhol lithographs.

At the area of Surin, Phuket (The Plaza Surin), Eric Smulders has converted 3 shops into 200 m2 of Master Paintings and Antiques.

Against the backdrop of the global health situation, investors remain incredibly bullish on long-term growth in the art market. Example: over 20 world records were broken in virtual auctions, and the prices for high-end works continue to soar. However, as the total wealth held in art is projected to grow $900B to $2.6T by 2026, access to this asset class remains virtually unattainable.


There is a very vibrant painting culture in Asia mainly concentrated on Vietnam and China with lesser contributions from Thailand. We select those artists with high decorative and collectible value and we always carry a large collection in stock. We are also proud to present the best works of the unique Vietnamese tradition of lacquer painting. This kind of work is very rare indeed.

The owner has been Managing Director of Cartier and has retained his love for beautiful jewellery. Please view our collection acquired from Estates in Europe and the U.S. The prices are very low when compared to outside sources because each item of sourced only when the price and quality are in perfect 5 balance. All jewellery are certified and graded by the International Gemological Institute ( I.G.I.) the top world certification company.
Antique Furniture

We have an outstanding selection of antique Chinese and Burmese furniture which are made of fine indigenous woods including walnut, cedar, elm, cypress and teak. In China the most prized furniture has always been lacquered which gives strength and beauty to the object. We choose only the finest quality in terms of artistic design, beauty and antique value.
Religious Images

With the prevalence of Buddhism in Asia and its magnificent temples, much of the Asian Art is concentrated on Religious Images. Representations of Lord Buddha in many forms, Angels, Monks and other religious expressions are very much sought after by collectors all over the world. Buddha images are protected in Thailand and special permission is required for international dealings.

Eric Smulders

At the area of Porte de Phuket and The Plaza Surin ,T. Cherngtalay, Eric Smulders has opened 2 shop into 172 m2 of Master Paintings and Antiques.

Mr. Smulders comes from an Old Dutch industrial family well known for their love of the Arts. His great grandfather owned one of the largest collections of Dutch Old Masters, part of which is still in the family’s possession.

With Art running though his veins, Mr.Smulders continues the long tradition of his family. After he sold out his business interests in Hong Kong and China, he created a gallery in Hong Kong called “Master Paintings” the largest western Art Gallery in Asia. In 2002 Mr. Smulders decided to combine his love for Phuket (golfing, diving and fishing) with his love for the Arts and you are invited to come and enjoy what his new and unique gallery.

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