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The FaFaDive scuba diving school was founded in 2019.

Activities and courses take place on the island of Phuket at Patong Beach Center of Plongeesphuket.com.

The team of diving instructors is made up of passionate and qualified divers who will offer you training and supervision tailored to your needs.

They will pass on to you the passion for scuba diving. The training offered is based on a solid pedagogy of the principles to acquire to become a certified diver from beginner to professional level.

The Club consists of a classroom with TV, WiFi, Hot Spot, ten complete Aqualung sets for our students for training and rental of equipment for our guests from an equipment sales point.

Plongeephuket.com and FaFaDive As an Aqualung Partner Center,
BCDs are made available and are included in the price of launching with the sinkers.
We have a wide range of Aqualung Pro HD vest with integrated weights.

Sizes available from XS to XXL

When you arrive on site, you will choose the lead bags that suit you.

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