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A world-famous restaurant, known not only for its extraordinary location, but also its fabulous food inspired by the natural resources, a twist of Zanzibar

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In its unique position in / on the waters of the Indian Ocean, The Rock is a charming, exclusive restaurant that in a very short time has become one of the icons of this exotic island. One of Zanzibar’s most popular and sought-after attractions, The Rock opened in July 2010.

Originally a very basic structure having been used as a local fisherman’s post, The Rock is now leased by a local business from the residents of the village of Michamvi.

Located in front of Michamvi Pingwe beach on the south-east coast of the island, it has sometimes been referred to as the floating restaurant. (Or even a tiny floating hotel! But no, it is only a restaurant!)

Restructured, and decorated in a simple, unfussy local island style, the restaurant specialises in seafood and local tastes.

We can accommodate from couples to groups of 20, given enough warning and of course a booking.

An open-air terrace, offering that romantic evening under the African stars by night, skies by day, with panoramic sea-scapes is available for pre- and post-meal drinks.

The restaurant is reached off the beach on foot at low tide or by boat at high tide. Guests can if they wish wade out. The boat service is offered with our compliments.

We established the Kichanga Foundation in 2005 when we built Kichanga Lodge, to assist in the development of our people and preserve the environment. Today, not only Kichanga Lodge but also Dongwe Ocean View and The Rock, Zanzibar actively provide support.

With projects ranging from empowerment through sustainable actions, teaching local community members how to swim, to the collection, sorting and recycling of waste, the Kichanga Foundation is our way of saying thank you to our wonderful island. TheRockRestaurant is a sponsor of the Kichanga Foundation.

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