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Michelangelo and Marco were both born and raised in Venice, Italy and have been great friends since early childhood. They have always been truly passionate for the sea, boats and design.

The first entrepreneurial experience they shared as kids was drawing and selling dubious quality paintings to tourists and old ladies, who happened to pass by their ‘Instant Gallery’ created on a tiny bridge in the middle of Venice.

Both future founders of Antlos started their educational journey by studying art, meanwhile cruising boats through the countless canals of Venice, which ultimately led to follow their passion for the sea full-time.
Michelangelo started working as a captain on charter yachts and Marco as a skipper on sailing boats, and as a result, the idea of Antlos was born.

Thanks to Nicola, a great friend of theirs, Antlos began to take shape. He joined forces to contribute with his extensive international experience in software engineering, combined with a big passion for travelling, flying and sailing. To continue growing and developing Antlos, all three joined the acceleration program of H-FARM Ventures, the leading startup incubator in Italy.

Finished the program and launched the website, throughout the years the team grew together with the Skippers community and the travellers who chose Antlos, making it the main platform for sailing holidays offered by private boat owners.

Recently Antlos completed the merge with Sailogy, leader player in the professional nautical charter industry. This deal will allow the two brands to offer a much broader and more complete service, in order to satisfy the needs of a continuously growing industry.

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