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He has a kind heart and is a friend of many, helping the community and upcoming writers and musicians

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Steven M Ross or Author

Steven M Ross" is the brainchild of iPoetrix.

He lives in Belhar, Cape Town who is a South African professor of wordplay, rhymes and poetry.

"Often copied never eqaulled were thrown to the sharks and build an aquarium in the middle of the ocean"
His father is German and his mother Indian.

The Truth wordsketch in Afrikaans, English and Malay.
His mentors are Diana Ferrus, Marcia J Kenyon and Jan Jansen.

He attended workshops in the Western Cape at Breytenbach Sentrum and Paarl while working as a Technical Officer at Telkom South Africa.
He studied at Northlink College, where he discovered his passion for motivation and biblical inspiration.

A proud member of Di Mengelmoes Digters/Writers that Diana teaches poetry to.

Steven is known for his poems about Domestic Violence and Abuse against Woman and Children.

He wrote a poem called Freedom at a workshop of UNASA United Nations Association South Africa at St Georges Cathedral that touched billions of woman and others around the globe.

Steven Ross is a expert blogger, freelance writer, manager and founder of God of All Nations Wiki, Wordsketch, Rapoetrix, Tuhan Berkati Kami, Gothic Poetrix and poetry groups.

He met Khajida Tracey Heeger and writers like James Mattews and Ron Villanueva at the U.S Embassy South Africa for Poetry Sessions.

He has a kind heart and is a friend of many, helping the community and upcoming writers and musicians.
Steven Ross attended the Woman's Day 2015 Mc Gregor Poetry Festival and Tuin van Digters 2015 where he performed his poems live on stage.

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