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Aditus brings the world of luxury to crypto-affluents by granting users access to an entire spectrum of carefully curated luxury lifestyle products, services and experiences via the use of crypto-currencies.

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If you’re looking to receive payments in cryptocurrencies and engage with privacy conscious crypto-affluents, Aditus has the perfect solutions for you.
Opportunity brewing: crypto-affluents and their desired luxury lifestyle

Rising crypto-currency values have created a new class of affluent individuals – the crypto affluents. Many aspire to the luxury lifestyle but find themselves excluded and lacking access.

Reasons for this include:

Crypto-affluents hold much of their wealth in crypto-currencies but few luxury merchants accept crypto-currencies as payment
Crypto-affluents value data privacy immensely, while luxury merchants conversely require more data to target market and to create personalised offers
Luxury merchants simply do not know how to reach out to people whose wealth lies outside traditional banking channels

Aditus bridges this gap by integrating smart contracts, payment gateways and strong privacy protection technologies into a single platform – thus, empowering crypto-users to unlock their desired luxury lifestyle.

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