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Zeelander Yachts B.V

Zeelander Yachts Driven by Perfection

GELKENES 44B Groot-Ammers South-Holland

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Welcome to the virtual marina of Zeelander Yachts. Established in the Netherlands in 2002, we create high-end motoryachts that marry form and function to perfection and perform to the highest possible standard. Every Zeelander is a piece of art on the water, created for connoisseurs of life who understand what it takes to create the very best and want to invest in their own pleasure.

The Zeelander design team works closely with the world-renowned award winning designer Cor D. Rover to refine and perfect every aspect of these unique yachts. The total amount of man hours put in to the design, development and build of each Zeelander far exceeds that of any other yacht in its class.

We have introduced an extensive and second to none interior customizing program, so you can choose the level of customizing of your Zeelander interior yourself.

Products & Services

Zeelander Z66

Driven by Perfection Imagine having the best and growing it 105%. Get ready for Zeelanders new flagship, the Zeelander Z66. Meas...

Price on request

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Zeelander - Z55

An upgrade in style After the critical and commercial success of the Z44, it was an obvious direction for Zeelander Yachts to d...

Price on request

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Zeelander - Z44

Instant Recognition Even before you board a Z44 you’ll know that you are in the presence of something special due to the onlo...

Price on request

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Zeelander Yachts assembly hall in the Netherlands is a state-of-the-art facility opened at the start of 2017. Craftsmen from all the different disciplines involved in building a premium Zeelander motoryacht – from engineering to construction, from joinery to metalwork – have access to the very latest equipment in order to make the most of their timeless skills.

This superb yard in Groot-Ammers enables us to meet all your requirements when it comes to personalizing a Zeelander, including a dedicated showroom where bespoke customization comes to life. We would welcome the opportunity to give you a tour of our facilities and let your imagination soar.
At Zeelander Yachts we are not interested in mass production. Our mission is to offer low-volume, high-quality perfection on motoryachts that are handmade in Holland. And when it comes to the interior of your Zeelander we need your assistance… After all, this is going to be your home away from home and it’s your style and preferences that take precedence.

No other yard in the Zeelander size range offers such a wide range of customization options. You may already have decided on your requirements with your own designer or you can enter our showroom where a variety of carefully composed mood boards will serve as inspiration. You can make your own mood board by compiling the materials such as leather, upholstery, wood, stone/marble and paint colours.
When the time comes to start building your interior, we will guarantee you the highest level of craftsmanship at every level by endlessly testing and honing each area. Every piece of furniture is individually crafted and veneered before the final application of lacquer. All fabrics, leathers, upholstery and other materials are immaculately fitted and finished, with an exceptional eye for detail. Nothing is left to chance.

In short, our extensive and second-to-none interior customization programme allows you to create a Zeelander interior that perfectly matches your lifestyle on the water. Let’s get to work together!
Exuding class and elegance with her smooth curves and classic lines, the Z44 also offers unparalleled ease of operation and functionality. Every aspect is finished to perfection yet very functional and simple to work with.
Comfort, style, sophistication, performance… In every aspect, Zeelander Yachts are at the premium end of the size range in which we operate. The standard of finish is way beyond anything else available and requires a remarkable number of man-hours. From the oval-shaped stainless steel details to the immaculate joinery and extraordinary curved glass, our yachts embody an unrivalled attention to detail.
t was an obvious direction for Zeelander Yachts to develop a larger model that would accentuate the very best elements of the Z44. Being 27 per cent longer than its smaller sibling equates into twice as much volume, offering owners more space in which to enjoy that unsurpassed Zeelander feel.

This is not mass production! This is low-volume, high-quality perfection, handmade in the Netherlands. Are you ready and able to invest what it takes to own the finest motor yacht?
We named her after the enchanting seaside road that runs from Saint Jean Cap Ferrat in France to Monaco. The lovely Zeelander Z55 is about to get a “topless” sister. The Zeelander 55 Corniche adds “cabriolet-flair” on top of the other unbeatable features you know from the Z55. Please stay tuned for more info. Prefer not to wait? Please contact us for pre-launch opportunities.
To learn more about the Z66 before it’s launch, please contact us.

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