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NautBoard Towable underwater board- Fly underwater and swim like a dolphin

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What is the NautBoard?

is exciting and unique for diving (gliding) under the surface of the water. The innovative patent and smart design, together with top quality production, offer effects of lighter gravity, underwater adventure, and healing qualities.

Diving with NautBoard lets you enjoy effort-free swimming, with movements just like dolphins do, while exploring the under-surface views, the stillness, and beauty of the reefs, as well as meditating the inner self.

A verity of movements and breathing exercises, with meditative, holistic meditation and visualization techniques, aid in the improvement of diving skills, for both beginners and advanced divers.

The NautBoard is the first of its kind in the world. You can easily create your yoga and dolphin movements while diving with the outboard in the ocean, seas, and sweet waters.

We, the Aquanautic International team members, are all sea lovers, with decades of maritime experience. All our team members are yacht skippers.

Each of us has at least one Nautboard on board their boat. When we first came across the patent version of Nautboard, we immediately fell in love with the unique “water toy”.

It didn’t take long until we undertook to manufacture it, and started to sell it by means of tell-a-friend channels.

We now offer it worldwide.

We are happy and proud to do that. You can buy it directly from us , or get it from the Amazon, or from one of our worldwide distributors.

We are sure you are going to enjoy it just like we do! In addition, you have a 7-year warranty on the Nautboard, which is light and durable, flexible, it floats, and it comes in a variety of colors!

The NautBoard is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind diving water-toy. It was designed to offer the adventure of swimming-like-a-dolphin without effort.

The Nautboard allows up-and-down movements, from surface level up to 7, even more, meters deep

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