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Established in 1977, the company was built on the strength of truck products in the earlier years, namely, Groeneveld vehicle mounted automatic greasing systems and Hydrocar P.T.O's. Other products were also offered which covered truck hydraulics, bulk discharge, blowers, compressors, cargo pump systems, bulk milk collection systems, reverse with safety obstacle detectors, road speed limiters and winch systems. Over the years, Hi-Power has specialised in many areas to do with trucks & HGV’s, and is still a market leader in these fields.

In 1980, a new building was purchased in Cork. In 1996 this was doubled in size to cater for the growing business.

In 1982, the company having built a solid reputation for hydraulics, expanded into the general area of hydraulics for all industries (industrial, mobile, marine, construction and agriculture).

A Dublin branch was opened in 1985. As with Cork, the growing business required a larger premises and in 1995, the Dublin branch relocated to a larger and current premises.

Hi-Power opened a new branch to cover Northern Ireland in 1993 and in 2004 relocated to a new premises to cater for business expansion.

In 1997 Hi-Power achieved ISO 9002 accreditation, now known as ISO 9001 standard.

Continuing its expansion, in 1999 Hi-Power opened it's first office in the UK. This office represents the Roquet franchise of products and also opened up a wider market for the company.

Today, Hi-Power represents some of the leading names in the hydraulics industry and has a customer base ranging from individual trade counter sales to large O.E.M. accounts.

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