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Nihi Sumba by Chris Burch

Sumba is 400 km East of Bali with easy access in a brand new Sky Team Garuda Bombardier jet taking 50 minutes

Kuta Poleng Complex Blok C No. 2 Kuta, Kabupaten Badung Bali Sumba Island Bali

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Let us help you build your dream itinerary. Whether that includes yoga at dawn with breathtaking views, surf lessons at coconut cove alongside world class instructors, hikes into local villages or sunset massages overlooking miles of Nihiwatu Beach on the Indian ocean coastline, we are here to create bespoke experiences that cater to your passions and interests.

Future Locations on the Edge of Wildness:
The Nihi brand is always exploring new frontiers, new adventures and new destinations grounded in our doctrine, “the edge of wildness” We have traveled the world, from Mozambique to Brazil and Sri Lanka to Fiji, in search of places that represent the core values of the Nihi experience: unregulated freedom, rugged luxury and a philanthropic connection to the community that surrounds the resort. In our global search for new properties, two such locations have emerged as places that embody the spirit of Nihi: Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Wildly beautiful and geographically opulent, Central America presents communities, wildlife, and a landscape to which we can apply the philanthropic vehicle that is central to the Nihi experience. Whether it is the construction of schools and medical clinics, or access to clean water, a Nihi resort always brings with it a rare collaboration between resort and destination that creates a lasting, positive impact. At the moment, we have entered into an agreement to develop a site in Costa Rica, with opportunities for an additional site in Central America. Details are forthcoming. If you would like to suggest an area of the word that fits our spirit of discovery, or have hospitality management opportunities for Nihi Hotels, please fill-up the contact form.

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