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Pride Mega Yachts are world-class, competitive mega yacht builders, located in China’s Yantai Peninsula in the Bohai Gulf. Pride Mega Yachts designs and builds its yachts with an experienced, international team of world-class consultants and designers according to European standards. The use of tested, state-of-the art technologies allows for an unwavering focus on innovation and sustainability.

With more than 25 years of experience working in the super yacht industry, luxury shipbuilders Pride Mega Yachts have numerous high-quality international projects to their name. China is traditionally not associated with the global yachting industry but that is changing fast. Both country and Pride Mega Yachts have an obsession with perfectionism and a strong drive to significantly contribute to the qualitative aspects of the world economy.

The unrivalled level of professionalism is reflected in the high levels of naval expertise in the fields of engineering, construction, methodology, research and development, design and production. The desire to consistently delivers the very best drives in the constant search for excellence that is required for the creation of superior-quality super yachts. Extraordinary and meticulous craftsmanship forms the indispensable basis for the realisation of the largest, finest, unlimited high-end super yachts.

Flexible and client driven, Pride Mega Yachts is constantly seeking the best product and the best solution for the client. From the design process to the construction phase and after completion, Pride Mega Yachts knows that the customer’s experience with the shipyard is as important as the end product. It is therefore always fully focused on realising client wishes, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety on board.

Luxury yacht builders, Pride Mega Yachts knows how keen owners are to feel proud every time they step onto their yacht to enjoy maritime life with friends and family. In order to realise this aspiration as rapidly as possible, Pride Mega Yachts builds its yachts on the basis of a fully tested and engineered standard platform, with several super yachts in various stages of completion at all times. Owners can decide at which stage they want to step in, depending on their wishes regarding time, budget and specifications.

From super yachts being under construction based on pre-designed lay-out and outfit to fully customised yachts, Pride Mega Yachts can accommodate all a future owner may require at any stage in the yacht building process. There is no limit to available possibilities in terms of nautical architecture, interior design or technical equipment. All yachts are developed with world-class consultants and designers, paying meticulous attention to Pride Mega Yachts exacting standards. The result is a yacht that meets European standards, while maintaining competitive prices.

Pride Mega Yachts is owned by China International Marine Containers (CIMC). This global 11-billion-dollar enterprise builds on a solid financial base and has extensive experience in the domain of manufacturing and shipbuilding. Pride Mega Yachts maintains close ties with its parent company CIMC, allowing it to operate as a fully-fledged player in the global yachting industry.

Pride Mega Yachts operating from China presents a number of enormous advantages. First of all, there is no lack of space or facilities, which means that we can transform any custom yacht design into a reality. If existing facilities cannot accommodate a new project, the necessary infrastructure is created. Moreover, since at the shipyard many highly complex maritime installations have been built for decades, a large and highly specialised labour force is available.

As Pride Mega Yachts is part of the large and very substantial CIMC, many resources are put into R&D and we embark on exciting new projects before a definite buyer has come forward. Pride Mega Yachts builds its yachts on the basis of a fully tested and engineered standard platform, with several super yachts in various stages of completion at all times. This highlights the solid and secure financial base we are building on.

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