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Innovative maritime solutions

"The international maritime industry faces big challenges. Greater efficiency, greater sustainability and increased safety are in demand on the world’s markets. As an innovative ship supplier, we would like to contribute towards meeting these goals with both our established products and ever new ideas.

In doing so, Becker Marine Systems benefits from over 70 years of experience. Over decades we have continuously improved our products and developed solutions for everyday ship operations. We view ourselves as a partner to our customers in order to offer customised solutions in the areas of manoeuvring, energy savings and emissions reduction. Our staff now consists of 230 highly qualified employees. And the various Becker products have been installed on over 8,000 vessels.

We equip vessels with highly manoeuvrable and efficient products such as the Becker Twist Rudder, including the largest container ships in the world. The successful Becker Mewis Duct® has increasingly been contributing to sustainable shipping. More than 1,000 of the energy-saving devices have already been sold, enabling a reduction of over 4.0 million tons of CO2 on the world’s seas.

Furthermore, Becker is committed to the establishment of environmentally-friendly liquefied natural gas (”LNG“) and other Alternative Energies in the maritime industry. The LNG concept we developed for ship propulsion as well as the alternative shoreside supply of electricity to cruise ships by means of the LNG Hybrid Barge will in future be supplemented by a containerised concept, the LNG PowerPac®, for use on container ships, bulkers or tankers."

Mr. Henning Kuhlmann and Mr. Dirk Lehmann,
Managing Directors of Becker Marine Systems

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