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Once you have planning your sailing holiday and you would like to charter a sailboat, a Catamaran or Luxury crewed yachts narrow down some places you would like to have. Evaluate the boats based on your preferences and requirements, number of mooring, price, the size of the yacht, date, and look through the boats that best match your criteria. With sailing yachts for rent around the world, your options are unlimited.
Enter your sailing holidays destinations into the on line booking search, and take a look at the sailing yacht offered in those locations. If the possibilities are the expecting there are also some exciting sailing itineraries and destination suggestions for you.
When you are ready to choose a sailing destination, it is crucial to consider the age of your children in order to sail safely. Destinations in the Ionian Sea, the Adriatic Sea and the central and south Dalmatia seas are suitable for children bellow the age of 11.

In these destinations you can sail in short routes between islands and there are a lot of opportunities for beautiful moorings on bays. This gives young children the freedom to move around and have a lot of choices. For sailing yacht with children, we can also suggest a catamaran charter in the Caribbean
At Yachtland Yachts we are dedicated to provide you a trully personal sailing experience.

Worldwide yachting

Sailing holidays in Greece with our company that provide you with luxury yachts for sailing holidays and personalized sailing services. Join us for successfully holidays in Croatia, sailing in Italy, sailing in Caribbean, or sailing in Canary Islands.
Worldwide yachting is our professional goal with an innovative new approach for those who like to enjoy their sailing holidays with quality service yachts all over the world. Family sailing vacations, couples sailing vacations, youth sailing vacations. We bring people together for a great time out at sea.
Give your holidays a new meaning and explore a completely new way of landing on the shore! Sailing yachts bareboat, catamarans with or without crew, Luxury Motor yachts, Gullets vessels, for the lovers of sea wait for you.
We have the solution for you! The best offer for your getaway – no waiting for your turn, no wasting time on paperwork details, no overpayments. Come, get served and enjoy!
Wherever your paradise is, whatever your dreams are we can make it true!
Would you like to explore the Mediterranean or head to the Caribbean or other new destination – we have endless possibilities to offer..!
Whatever activities you are into, wherever your journey leads you it is all yours and just one call away!
Sailing yachts, catamarans, bare boats and crewed charters. First class quality regardless your preferences. Do not waste more time – go and take a look to our fleet and services now!
Take advantage of our special offers and seasonal discounts!
Life is too short. Live it and explore the world with Yachtland!

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