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Albania Yacht Services operates in Albania at any port. With over 23 years of experience in the industry, We can offer and share with you its unmatched network of support and services integrating its market leading experience and knowledge in Albania. Whether you have been our customer for years or are a new customer We would like to assure you that We are here to provide you the highest quality of service, and we will continue to develop our company to support that goal.


Sarande (39°52′32.00″N 20°0′19.00″E) is the southernmost port of entry into Albania. The port has been recently renovated and extended making it possible for cruise ships to moor. It’s very close position to Corfu (only six miles) makes it a favorable and frequented port by sailors not only to clear into Albania but also to visit the surrounding area which has indeed a lot to offer to its visitors.

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Durrës Port

Durrës Port (41°18′35″N 19°27′26″E) is the biggest port of Albania in the city of Durrës.The Port of Durrës has approximately 763 metres (2,503 ft) of alongside pier space on the West Mole and a fishing harbor lies at the north end of the East Mole. Several wrecks are located near the entrance channel to the Port of Durrës. The use of tugboats is compulsory in the Port of Durrës.
Porto Palermo Bay

Porto Palermo Bay is just fifteen miles north-west of Sarande, a few kilometers south of Himara along the Albanian Riviera. The water is deep here (30m plus) almost up to the old fish quay hidden behind the northern side of Ali Pasha’s fortress. A useful stopping point and a very protected bay.
Ksamil Islands

Ksamil Islands are four small islands located in southern Albania. Ksamil is 15 km (9 miles) south of Sarande. It is very nice to spend the day swimming in the wonderful clear waters of the islands.
Karaburun Peninsula

Karaburun Peninsula, is the largest peninsula of Albania,. The peninsula is a Managed Nature Reserve, and contains the Pasha Liman military base. The surrounding sea waters form part of the Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park. The western coast of Karaburun peninsula consists of small bays and rocky beaches. One of them is Gramma Bay.
Gramma Bay

Gramma Bay, is located in Karaburun, has a deep and mostly rocky coast. The bay is known for its high quality waters and isolated position from the noises.The entrance to Gramma Bay itself is a little fjord and have some shallow on each side, therefore proceed carefully, best in day light and keep the middle.At night, the place can get some quiet violent wind casts coming down from the mountain. Be aware of it when choosing your anchor spot.
Shëngjin Port

Shëngjin Port, is the northernmost seaport in Albania and is frequently accessed by cargo and fishing vessels. The Port provides the area with a strong industrial foundation. Shëngjin has the third largest port in Albania and the Harbor’s access point is located on the northwest part of the city. The port is protected by lengthy rock walls that extend into the sea. A well sheltered outer harbour is surrounded by popular holiday beaches. Shëngjin has approximately 3 km of beach front.

Dhermi, 5.2 miles away from Himare, offers crystal waters to swim. The place is only to anchor but doesn’t offer any shelter from wind or swell.

Himara is a coastal town in southern Albania, 22 miles (35 km) from Sarande. Himara has a small fishing port, which doesn’t offer good wind or swell protection but you can stay in good weather and enjoy visiting the bilingual town.
The Port of Vlore

The port of Vlore (40°28′0.00″N 19°30′0.00″E) is located about 5 km from the center of Vlora, about 120 km from Sarande.The main town is a commercial port of entry, busy with ferries and other traffic. It is the second largest port city of Albania, after Durrës. Vlore remains a major seaport and commercial center, with a significant fishing and industrial sector. The island of Sazan is nearby, strategically located at the entrance to the Bay of Vlora. The best beaches are located between Vlora and Saranda, often surrounded by pine forests and olive groves, and are characterized by very fine golden sand. Among the most popular beaches in the surroundings of Vlorë, include: Dhermiu, Drymades, Jal and Palasa.
Orikum Marina

Orikum Marina (40° 19′ 31″ North, 19° 28′ 17″ East). It is located at the south end of Vlora Bay. The Marina has all the usual facilities, and it is pretty safe to leave the boat. There is water and electricity to all berths. Nice sandy anchorage just E of the lighthouse off the headland opposite with seasonal restaurant.

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