C.M.S. Law Associates

We are different. We are about delivering excellent service to our clients, whilst enjoying our working lives and still having time to maximize our potential outside of work. With 16 people in the heart of Patong C.M.S. Law Associates is now one of the largest providers of legal advice in Phuket and ranks within the top five firms in Phuket. We advise both business and individuals and work hard to continually sharpen our focus on delivering excellent service and value for money to our clients.

At the heart of this promise is the ability to respond quickly to clients needs and to remain flexible and creative in our approach. We would link to think we are straightforward to deal with - so no big marketing promise - just a commitment to meet our clients' needs in the best way we can.

OUR APPROACH balance fairness and opportunity.

BALANCE - We work hard but we value life outside the office too yes we expect our people to deliver excellent service but we also want our people to have a real life outside of work. Performance and reward will never be based on hours spent in the office. In fact we believe that having the right mix of people with diverse interests away from work brings a unique flavor to our service that is valued by our clients - not to mention stopping us getting bored-.

FAIRNESS - We are open and transparent about success and reward and we make a point of publicly celebrating success and rewarding achievement. Our measures are not limited to financial performance alone we also monitor and value other contributions such as demonstrating leadership and playing an active role in the life of the firm.

OPPORTUNITY - Creating an environment where everyone can shine. Our commercial success depends on all of our people using their talent to the full. We provide support for professional development and strive to maintain a culture where there are opportunities for everyone to make a positive contributions; ultimately we believe that if we can do this well then our clients will reap the benefits.

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