MR.ZEN- the owner of Wua Art Gallery& Studio Phuket, stood in front of a beautiful Daybeds as meeting him for the first time. It was the Daybed I saw him sitting in laid-back posture and he took a photo and uploaded it on Facebook.

This time, Daybeds came to talk to him in Phuket to put it in the article of Daybeds because his Daybeds is beautiful. It’s not the column related to the working style of artists like his duty.

He said that he understood people always calling what they do, but for him, MR.ZEN let me get that he can be anything, whatever he is called; he still confirmed that, though he works in field of painting, he is the art student with the reason that now he does what he wants and he can be an artist or designer and he’s still learning to do what he wants for more: he said with relaxing countenance before slumping and conversation started.


" I have worked hard at the beginning, always make trial and error and I have not graduated from anywhere. This is true, I’m not saying to make it sound cool or different from any other because working teaches us and actually whoever can paint. When talking about art, it’s about everything; painting, selling insurance and I didn’t choose to be, I don’t want to be anything. I don’t know what I can be but I know what I would like to do. I want to do this, to do that. I can be an artist or designer. To be like that, it is called later. For this, it is nature of learning; I did not go study at Silpakorn University or Pohchang College because the data in institutions are always available in outside world as well. What is called “spirit” and What some people may call “spirit” inspired by these institutes, I believe is more like our natural instincts. It is a part of us and is transmitted into art through our way of life. In my opinion, a painter and his artwork must be constituted from his life experiences and the journey he is on but the beauty of art is the ability to incorporate that into a painting or model or whatever for others to perceive the world from the artist’s eyes in just a moment. All is what people assume. I may choose to tell a story with the help of a technique and to paint with old materials. The paint I’ve used is from a general factory. Now, there’s nothing new for me or for anyone. It has already been done for a long time. And I don’t like to label myself with what I do. But an appropriate term may be‘painter’. As an artists I can do what I feel is my nature and seriously I am not bothered by what I am called. I have used many styles in my works and have not attached to using just one style. Whenever I feel bored, I’ll change it.I believe that when I change the style, there’re some symbols in my works and I want this to evoke a special sensation in people.”

The art that is on display now has mutual components that are ‘beauty’ and ‘divisibility’ especially in the writings. I told MR.ZEN that when I first saw them, they reminded me of the artworks of Mr. Thaiwichit Puengkasemsombun and Mr.Somyos Hanananthasuk. He said that both artists have influenced his works and appreciates the skillfulness displayed by both artists. He told that he moved from Satun which was the homeland to live in HatYai and lived his life in Bang-Kok.

So many years till he was bored, so he moved to settle in Phuket .

“ Because I like the sea and space. The former works had wide and clear space. Today what I work is not from Ego because it’s already available. Artistic view is from ourselves and we have to look it as our works”

While talking, MR.ZEN was seated on a ‘Daybeds’ piece of furniture that looks quite comfortable and is across a bare cement wall, displaying a contrast between ‘comfort’ and ‘rigidity’. This piece of furniture was placed between the aisles that link the front gallery to the one at the back. Opposite to the Daybeds is a roofless Small Park and which allows the sun to shine through brightening this whole area. Come to think of it, this ‘Daybeds’ is a part of a symbolic artwork that has been silently placed in this area as a piece of art. The man said that the seat of this Daybeds was in fact surprisingly hard and it was not his fondest. It was his decision to purchase and place this Daybeds with a ‘certain’ intention. But did not state what the intention was. Why is that so?

“ I have chairs, armchairs and daybeds and I’m a fan of many designers, such as Phillips Stark. I have studied his routine life, his travels, his inspiration and how he lived his life. However, as he didn’t know the privacy and was always opened to others’ opinions and kept himself informed by reading magazines or websites, there’s an unrecognizable book asking about how he felt with the life in that period, Stark said that he had lots of opportunities to give opinions but he started feeling bored and not good with many chances as he met many people who did or made the important things that affected people life rather than what he has told for 10 years. These people are more important than him but they never had a chance. “I like Stark at that time, who had such answers, but after that I don’t have to see his works although some works are not as good compared to others and I’m feeling that he become too influential on me. 5 years later, I don’t look for a designer’s name. I will buy products that I supports my tastes and if I can see it will serve a purpose, to decorate and of course to use.

" This Daybeds was bought from general store in Phuket, I like its design and I always buy soft sofa but this one is not soft. For general psychology I learned, what makes I feel comfortable and most obvious thing is the soft touch with relaxing and laid-back feeling. But for me, when I feel relaxed, I will forget and yes I am forgetful. Whatever has soft touch, it’s relaxing. I always think about it when I sit on this Daybeds. It makes me remember because it’s made of leather with metallic structure. I’m quite observant and I want to remember something because when we walk through something and when we walk back, we will forget it. So, I have to note something. Sitting can make me pondering anything because while sitting as well as thinking is more important. I bought this Daybeds for decoration. My studio is 100-year old building and I chose some smooth chairs and only corner and wall and I intended to place this daybeds here”

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