Sun & Rain Canvas Awning

Sun & Rain Canvas Awning Co. Ltd. Tian Zhi Tang Outdoor Storage Co. Ltd.
We are a well-established company in Hong Kong with two branch offices, locating in Tai Wai and Sheung Wan. We have well over twenty vehicles serving our customers throughout Hong Kong . Moreover, we provide complete training to our service technicians and continue to enhance ourselves to satisfy your needs.

We specialize in outdoor leisurely hardware, importing from around the world. As the sole agent in Hong Kong , the removable cabin is the product of YODOKO Steel Company of Japan . Insulation can be added to and used as living quarters. It is commonly used as movable attics.

The quality of our awning and mosquito-net is beyond questioning as the raw materials are from Italy and Spain . Our outdoor table sets, sun-umbrellas and barbeque grills are designed for durability and easy cleaning, suitably for your garden or rooftop. They are also from Italy or other European countries.

Our customer bases cover a wide range. Throughout the years, we provide services to consumers, private sectors as well as various government departments (including Architectural Services Department, Housing Department, Fire Services Department, etc). Recently we have also serve many local schools. We provide our removable cabins to provide an excellent teaching environment to accommodate schools’ sudden need of extra teaching spacious for new subjects. We are happy to be able to assist them as well as serve our duty to the community.

Last but not least, customer referrals form the integral part of our business. As you can see, your satisfaction is our commitment!

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