C.P. MARINE SUPPLY CO., LTD. is one of the leading general marine supply companies in Thailand. We offer professional supply service of both provision and technical stores to vessels. We are an IMPA, ISSA and SHIPSERV member. Being certified, we run our business in compliance with quality, safety and environmental standards. Over the years we have grown stronger and nowadays we are operating at most of Thailand’s main ports and anchorage areas.
The quality of our products is our highest priority; therefore we make sure they are supplied to your vessels in best condition as we have our own transportation vehicles and supply boat. For provision stores we offer a wide range of local and international food products, which are stocked as regulated. In order to ensure fresh and colorful supply of the seasonal fruits and vegetables, we purchase them from local wholesalers on the day of delivery. For technical products, which are not available in Thailand; we are making sure to source them from all over the world to complete the inquiries according to customers specification. We make certain that each product we import has a good quality to assure customers’ satisfaction. We verify that our products are properly packaged and labelled.

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