Alatas Mexico

Alatas Mexico. provides parts and repair services throughout South and Central America to vessel cranes, offshore cranes and mobile cranes

Crane Parts: are sourced directly from the various component manufacturers. You will always receive original parts, identical to the parts supplied by the crane manufacturer, without paying OEM prices.

Crane Service: Factory trained crane service engineers for repairs, general maintenance and troubleshooting, inspections and accident investigations and overload testing

Mobile and Crawler Cranes: Alatas Americas provides replacement parts for American Hoist, Bantam, Bucyrus Erie, Clark, Coles, Demag, Galion, Grove, Heila, Hyco, Hydrocon, Iron Fairy, Jones, Kato, Kobelco, Koehring, Krupp, LBS, Lima, Locatelli, Lorain, NCK, Northwest, P&H, Pettibone, PPM, Priestman, Ruston Bucyrus, Starlifter and many other types of crane. Contact our parts department for immediate information.

Ship Cranes: BLM, Fukushima, Hydralift, Hagglund, IHI, KGW, Liebherr, LMG, MacGregor, Mitsubishi, NMF, O&K, and Tsuji and many other deck cranes.

Gearboxes and Winches: Zollern, Siebenhaar, Braden, Liebherr, Sauer Sunderstrand, Lohmann and Stolterfoth, Stiebel and Hamworthy, winches and slewing gearboxes overhauled and machined. Alatas can also supply original replacement parts for these units.
Pump and Motor Services: Refurbishments, sales or service exchange. Types include: Mannesmann Rexroth, Hagglund, Linde, Breuninghaus, Sauer Sunderstrand, Voith and Vickers and many others

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