Alatas Indonesia

Alatas Indonesia (AID) was established in 2016 as a subsidiary for Alatas World Wide.

Alatas World Wide was founded in 1988 and offers original spare parts and crane services to crane owners globally. 28 years later Alatas has 14 offices located in the UK, Norway, Germany, North America, Mexico, Middle East, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

PT Alatas Indonesia Crane Service's aim is to provide support to all crane related services to Indonesia’s vast marine, offshore and shipyard and port industries. Alatas Indonesia employs high quality, and multi-disciplined field service engineers for troubleshooting, repairs and services.

AID has an in-house, specialized software that holds a large database of crane types and associated spare parts which enables us to provide fast response times for price quotations, at very competitive prices. We offer both genuine and OEM spare parts, and can source parts for obsolete brands, or in case of unavailability of original parts, can offer alternatives , including bespoke engineered solutions.

ALATAS Indonesia's workshop carries out crane component repairs and is specialized in Planetary gearbox overhauls and rope winch repairs. We operate the only high capacity winch test stand in entire Indonesia, suitable for fully dynamic rope winch testing of Braden winches and other brands, up to a line pull of 30 ton.
AID’s workshop provides direct support for all other types of repair and refurbish jobs, such hook block repair & testing, windlass repairs, cylinder repair, hydraulic pump and motor repairs and valve block overhaul. We also have the capacity for complete crane refurbishing, including steel repairs.

The workshop is managed by highly competent technical people who deliver the highest quality of work, our customers are accustomed to receive from Alatas.

AID is backed up a strong International support while at the same time has a deep rooted understanding of the Indonesian market and all the challenges it faces. AID is able to service various types of cranes and provision their spare parts.

Supports for various cranes are available; BLM, Fukushima, Hydralift, Hagglunds, IHI, KGW, Liebherr, LMG, MacGregor, Mitsubishi, NMF, O&K, Tsuji and many more. AID also supports various offshore cranes; Nautilus Crane, Favelle Favco, American Aero Crane, Titan Crane, Roto Crane, Hercules Crane, Weatherford Crane, Seatrax and others.

With a perfect combination of its extensive database and the competent people running it, AID has all that is needed to deliver complete, perfect support for Indonesia’s needs of crane spare parts and services. AID will provide the necessary technical support for every replacement of obsolete spare parts.

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