The Pangu

The Pangu 7 Star Hotel is located on the dragon tail of the Pangu plaza offering a breathtaking view of the Beijing Olympic Park and many Olympic venues such as the Bird’s Nest National Stadium and Water Cube Aquatics Center. The Hotel boasts an architectural approach that combines the oriental architectural spirits and the western architectural techniques and the interior design by Mr. Richardo Bello Dias, a world-class Italian designer, demonstrating a perfect blend of western architectural style and traditional Chinese decoration elements.

The Pangu 7 Star Hotel, located in the heart of the imperial city and parallel to the central axis of the Forbidden City, rests on the center of four ancient dynasties and is surrounded by a wide array of cultural landscapes such as Water Cube and Birds nest. The interior design by Mr. Ricardo Bello Dias, a world-renowned interior designer from Milan, brings together the classic Chinese elegance and the European luxury to present a hotel lifestyle like nonesuch. The Pang 7 Star Hotel a refined cultural architecture awaits the presence of our honored guests at the imperial center.

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