Han Te, A name that proudly signifies the finest line of casting hardware. Han Te is your source for quality products at competitive prices.

Han Te established a comprehensive facility in casting business, that comprises of tooling, casting, assembly and surface finishing on a land of 183,000 sq.Ft (17,000 sq.m.)

All Han Te products are visually inspected to make sure they are free from manufacturing defects at time of shipment.

For general service, American and International engineering standards suggest that safe working load should not exceed 20% of tensile strength. For severe conditions, where impact or shook loads exist, and on applications involving extreme hazard, the safe working load should not exceed 10% of tensile strength.

All weights and measurements in this catalog are nominal and for reference only. Since we constantly endeavor to improve our products, materials, weights and measurements may change without notice.

The format of our catalog has been designed to enable you to locate the products of interest quickly and easily.

Special requirements are available upon request. We aim to fulfill your requirements. Your success and satisfaction are our major concern.

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