Cypress Systems Ltd

Cypress Systems Limited has been a pioneer in the field of home automationin the residential sector in Hong Kong- for ten years we have driven notonly the deployment of “intelligent home” solutions, we have further evolved into a total lifestyle solution- delivering fully integrated lifestyle solutions to improve one’s residential living, including for e.g. convenience, security, entertainment and comfort and ambiance. We have developed these unique solutions using our in-depth knowledge of residential property development, research and understanding of all facets that make up and deliver the best residential living experience.

Cypress Systems has installed over 8,000 of these solutions in Hong Kong and China’s apartments and luxury homes market over the last 3 years. We are also pioneers in developing cutting edge and customized technologies that expand the frontiers and of an enhanced home based lifestyle

As part of Cypress Systems’ expansion, we have completed in 2008 our first project in Central London, and have also established a subsidiary-Carrot Home Technology Pte. Ltd.- in Singapore. Our group has shown strong commitment to growing the businesses in Singapore by stationing senior management and the establishment of 2 local office, one in downtown customer support team and a showrooms, and the other in factory side responsible for product development and manufacturing. Together with our strategy partner
in Singapore of over 10 years, Cytech Technology, we are committed to offer the latest and best in technologies and continue to develop products suitable for the local market. Having completed our first project in 2006 in Shanghai, we continue to actively pursuing projecting in the mainland China market.

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