The Slate a Phuket Pearl Resort

Awaken to a DREAMSCAPE

Welcome to The Slate, a BRILLIANT azure world with a rich elemental history. Here, the whispering seas, swaying palms and sweeping coastal skies set the scene for an otherworldly experience. Who would have thought something so GORGEOUS could be found just a short drive away from Phuket International Airport.


Unbeknownst to many, Phuket Island was founded on tin. Once an integral part of the island’s booming commerce and trade, tin was even dubbed ‘BLACK GOLD’ by the locals. A major industry for centuries, tin remained a form of currency until the 1930s.

Discovered 200 years ago in Kathu District at the centre of Phuket, tin became the FOCUS of multiple mining operations. By 1750, large-scale mines had opened across the island, with offshore dredging introduced in 1902.

It was around this time that Khaw Sim Bee Na-Ranong was appointed governor of Phuket. Having successfully introduced rubber tree farming to Southern Thailand, he was charged with overseeing the RISE of Phuket’s tin mining industry.

The island FLOURISHED under his leadership. Both the tin and rubber tree industries paved the way for development across Phuket, putting what was once a sleepy 'unknown' island on the map. Khaw Sim Bee was later awarded the royal title of Phraya Rassada Nupradit. A statue of Phraya Rassada now presides over Khao Rang Hill, his watchful eye cast over Phuket Town.


The Slate is a strikingly original manifestation of the island’s core. Rich culture and traditions are brought to life with bold design and FEARLESS innovation. Where family legacy meets raw elements, industrial beauty interrupts and art converges with nature. A captivating imagination of the island’s true soul. A wondrous, whimsical world awaits.


“My dream was to create a place inspired by the island – I said to my daughter, 'it can be contemporary, but it must reflect Phuket'.” – Wichit Na-Ranong.

The Slate’s owner and Managing Director, Wichit Na-Ranong, comes from a PRESTIGIOUS line of Southern Thailand’s tin mining families. Both his mother’s and father’s families were involved in the industry for more than five decades. Wichit is also a descendant of former Phuket governor Khaw Sim Bee Na-Ranong.

Seeking inspiration for a new-look resort, Wichit sought to pay HOMAGE to Phuket through its tin-mining legacy. He worked with his daughter Prakaikaew (Krystal) to create a place that would tell the story of the island’s – and his ancestors’ – mining past in a uniquely fantastical way.

The father-and-daughter team shared their vision with celebrated architect Bill Bensley, who made their DREAM an avant-garde reality. Fusing industrial tin-mining elements with contemporary aesthetics, the result is a poetic reminder of a rich bygone past, wrapped in a singular luxury experience.

“At The Slate, we are celebrating the history of Phuket, and every corner is a conversation. Here, guests encounter tin from our own mines – you can just feel the flavours of the past.” – Prakaikaew Na-Ranong


Discover the turquoise waters and pristine coral sands of Nai Yang Beach on Phuket's serene northern shore. Enter a MAGICAL world of peace and serenity bordered by the DAZZLING waters of the Andaman and the lush green shades of protected national parkland. Easily accessible from Phuket International Airport and historical Phuket Town, The Slate blends the fantastical beauty of Phuket with timeless echoes of its past.

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