ChinTao Life Science

Counselor Arne Langaskens is a leading expert in Chinese herbal medicine and Life Sciences, and is the visionary leader behind the creation of ChinTao Life Science and CHIAL ltd. . At 51 years of age, he has extensive and multi-dimensional experience that has contributed to his success as one of the premier providers of ChinTao Live Science therapies to people around the world.

After beginning his career in Europe, Mr. Langaskens moved to Asia and studied traditional Chinese medicine ( TCM) in Malaysia and China. In recent years, he has treated a number of famous entertainers, exclusive high net worth families, politicians and businessmen around the world using his proprietary ChinTao Live Science therapies and superior tonic herbal products.

His unique ideas and creations have made him well known as respected advisor, designer and practitioner of unique Life Sciences.

ChinTao Life Science Therapy in Phuket ( Thailand)
Unlock your inner vitality with guidance from Health counselor Arne Langaskens .

Retreats remain intimate and personal. The exclusive programs are tailored to the goals of each individual to guarantee results.

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